05 Apr 2017
Day #3 Netherlands Hockey Tour 2017

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1st team at HBR 1st team with HBR Development side with HBR team

Today was really our first day of tour. We kicked off proceedings with a 6,55am morning run, just to work off all the travel ridden bodies. Most people made it to the run, but some boys arrived precisely at 6,56 and got left behind, luckily these were the bright bunch of boys and they used their African tracking instincts, and traced the rest of the team to a park where they were found running laps around some park. We thought we had been let off the hook - but not under Jason's watch, I'm pretty sure he made us do at least twice the number of laps.

We continued the day with a breakfast consisting of boarding house like food (i.e. Bread and some juice concentrate), needing to stock up for our big practice with some Dutch coaches on the newly appointed Clifton 5th (the Astro was extremely sandy). Lunch followed by a video session, hockey shopping spree, and then back to the highly regarded, Stay Okay hostel, for some much needed down time.

We then headed to a new hockey club to play our first match of the tour. We had dinner accompanied by the opposition, them sparking off some interesting conversations. The Colts side had tough opposition and lost 3-2 in a good game of hockey. The 1st XI scored with few minutes to spare, to finish with a hard earned draw 3-3. A couple chants in the bus ride home, and then off to bed.

End of day #3
By Tom W and Jock B