07 Apr 2017
Day #4 Netherlands Hockey Tour 2017

Today we had our first session on the main turf at HC Rotterdam. We went over our mistakes in our first game and improved throughout. It was a great session with a high intensity that put us back on track. We later transferred to our bike trip. This was through the spectacular country side of the Netherlands and also gave us insight through into the culture. Through our tour guide we learnt about the village and its history. We cycled on a path in the middle of a river past many windmills. The wind chill got to us a bit and left a few of us extremely cold. We then cycled back to the bus past a commercial canal and returned to the hotel. We later have a video session tonight to reflect and see our mistakes from our last game.

Tom B

Blog Today got off to a below average start, many of us woke up super moeg from last nights well fought games against HBR. Broodjie again for breaky!! Nothing could stop the boys from having a quality session on the HC.Rotterdamn main astro (far better than the sandpit we practiced on the previous day) For lunch we had the standard, broodjie!! We then headed off to Kinderdijk for a bike tour of the windmills, was super fun... some of the boys had some difficulty riding the bikes(tandems) as well as some major PTSD from the epic cycle. As always, to and from all the venues were an enthusiastic group of boys cheering and chanting bringing the crazy Bishy gees!! Some lost phones, some wore pants inside out, others were commanded off the field, most importantly all are having an awesome time in The Netherlands

Shaylin F